Friday, August 29, 2014

The Birth of our little lion cub!

One week old today. And as I sit here snuggled by the fire with my dear baby boy on my chest, each precious breath makes me delight in his early arrival and his seemingly perfect fit into our little family.

We are all smitten by him and the girls have both been wonderful big sisters. 

Let's go back to last Thursday morning... I had my scheduled appointment at 11am and at 39+2 and super uncomfortable I was keen to see my midwife and find out if things were getting closer!

The girls helped our midwife to do my blood pressure, belly measure and Miss Daisy did the Doppler - finding baby first go (she's got really good at it!). 

Then our midwife asked would I like to have an internal to check progress and maybe get things moving along. Yes! Of course the girls decided the toy box was not entertaining at this point so a strategically placed sheet and a rubber glove each to play with kept them occupied!

'Get your knickers on and then we're going to talk about what to do with you' sent me thinking of all sorts of worries and thoughts of c sections and closed cervix! 
Boy was I wrong - 'you're 5cm dilated' was my midwife's first statement as she reentered the room!

As much as this was music to my ears I was baffled too!! I would not be driving the hour home but instead went to my mums 10 minutes away. Then phoned hubby to tell him we'd be heading to the hospital that arvo - to have our baby!

We had agreed it was best for my waters to be broken as if this happened at home we may not make it to the hospital. 
We arrived at the hospital at 2:30pm. We had room 2 - the same room (and bath!) both girls were born in! I was content to know that this familiarity would be there and that we could once again have a waterbirth.

My waters were broken shortly after our arrival and I sat on the bed giggling at the sensation as with both girls my waters had broken during transition and in the water. I sat on the bed for awhile and waited, nothing. Our midwife had said things may or may not start on their own after my waters were broken.

I decided to get up to go to the bathroom and as soon as my feet hit the floor so did the first of my contractions, it was a little after 3:00pm... labour had commenced! I wasn't sure what I should do or where I should go so I found myself sitting on the bed once again. A few contractions which didn't seem very strong had me wondering if I should hop into the shower.

Once again as I stood up another contraction hit... So around 3:20pm I hopped into the shower and enjoyed the hot water on my back and belly. Hubby took some photos that look identical to those of me with Li'l Peppa's birth, quite surreal!

By around 3:40pm I wasn't comfortable standing anymore. Each contraction had me bending over the chair in the shower and bending my knees. Boy things were progressing but surely this was going to take awhile?!

I jumped into the bath around 3:45pm and enjoyed the weightlessness I felt in the water and the comfort of the familiar position I'd taken up with my other births. I felt the urge to go to the toilet and so hopped out of the water and sat on there for the next few contractions. Hubby was on the phone at this point as his laptop had failed that morning and he was trying to get it fixed and recover his files! I motioned to him that he needed to get off the phone right now... and told him to call our midwife in.

She came in and I sheepishly told her that I thought I needed to go to the toilet but now I felt like it was more than that needing to come out!
She said 'I think you need to have a baby!" or something along those lines! It was 4:00pm. I still wasn't convinced that this was it!!

I got back into the bath and used the next few contractions to push out our little boy! At 4:04pm I scooped him up out of the water and into my arms!!

We let the cord continue pulsing for five minutes or so before Daddy cut it. Then Daddy took over skin to skin contact with our lion cub while I got out of the bath and onto the bed to deliver the placenta. 

Then, just over two hours after kissing them goodbye we rang my mum to ask her to bring in our two big girls! 

Suddenly a family of five. Blessed beyond belief! Happy one week little man! You have already won our hearts!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Gift Idea: Story Stones and Custom Storybook

It's birthday season here at the moment. Not only are the four of our birthdays in the next two months and baby brother due in August. We also have a huge portion of our friends/family with birthdays at this time of year!
So it's been sewing, crafting and creating fever around these parts!

A special friend received an outdoor adventure kit with a hand sewn camouflage bag to store all of his explorer tools.
We created a sewing kit for my niece to create her own picture to sew onto hessian like Miss Daisy has been doing.
I have butterfly wings in progress.
Place mats and hand towels on the go.
And a few others I shouldn't mention as they're heading to new homes soon!

But I decided on something different for my nephew who turned two last week! Story Stones! We've done story stones before, pirate themed, Hungry Caterpillar themed and Red Riding Hood themed. All as gifts!
Miss Daisy decided that a space theme would be good and helped me to paint details onto the stones... we were going to make a drawstring bag for them but at some point she came up with the idea of writing a book to match the stones! Brilliant!

I'm so happy with how they turned out. Miss Daisy dictated the story to me and we decided on which stones would be used throughout the tale (I helped a little here where needed to ensure all the stones got mentioned!)

And then whilst looking for treats to put in the pass the parcel we offered to make Miss Daisy found this box!! Perfect!!

And of course it's always nice to see your handiwork being admired by it's young recipient! I know there'll be so much imaginative play possible with these stones and the cute little book to inspire too!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Musings

Yesterday was Mother's Day here in Australia, that day in the year that's devoted to making our mums feel fabulous. My day was fabulous... but it was also challenging.... hubby slept in not I, a sick baby, a car/carseat to clean (from sick baby!), locked out of the house, copious amounts of washing, etc etc... 

However it made me think about all the other days in the year when I am celebrated and blessed by both my husband and my girls. The days where I'm given a sleep in, a break for the afternoon, small gifts, whispered I love you's and my expectations of this one day in the year were easily muted.

We're spending many of our mornings by the fire now that Autumn has come in full force. The trees are changing and I love hearing Miss Daisy's recollections of this season from last year! Li'l Peppa is enjoying the leaves and marvelling at the colours too!

We're still a family of makers. So baking, sewing and other handiwork are always on our agenda. Miss Daisy loves those special moments together that are reserved for when Li'l Peppa is in bed... as do I!
This is her first 'real' sewing creation and she's slowly completing it in her own way and her own time.

Our little boy is growing and I love feeling him moving about... aware that this could be our last baby I am trying to relish in each moment of this pregnancy and soak it all up!

My sewing table is piled high with gifts and projects and I've actually got a run sheet showing me the order in which I need to have them all done! But it's keeping me accountable and motivated so that's a good thing I suppose! The girls enjoy seeing fabric become something and I love sharing that with them too... although it's always a case of make one to keep and one to giveaway as they fall in love with every piece!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

A little of us

Life has been changing around our parts. Li'l Peppa has weaned which has left me relieved to have some time where my body is mine before the baby comes mid year! Although the growing bump makes me wonder if my body has been mine at all in the last 5 years!

Miss Daisy made an absolutely gorgeous flower girl for one of my best friends last month. It was a beautiful wedding for a gorgeous couple. 

The girls are forging a friendship that is wonderful to witness. But Li'l Peppa is also gaining confidence and asserting herself more (if that's even possible!) So we can go for deep friendship to conflict quite quickly! Pink plate anyone?!?

I'm finding I can set them both up with the same activities lately and not have to modify what we're doing which is a nice change. Although Miss Daisy's attention span and attention to detail still surpasses her little sister by a lot!

Most of all I love that my loves are becoming their loves. Miss Daisy requests to sew and bake almost every day and we all love to explore our bush surroundings. 

I'd love to know who's still reading over here! I have set new priorities with blogging nowhere near the top... And it's been a wonderful change. 

However, I miss the interaction over here and the ability to record what we're doing so I'm finding my feet and will blog here irregularly with boring details of our life and insta-fied photos of our happenings!

Would love to have you with me!